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Barcode printer in different applications

On the production line or warehouse of the printer should be used to select models with metal more durable, such as POSTEK TX, Zebra 105Se and Xi II series and select desktop in the Office of the point of sale or personal printer series, like POSTEK Q8, POSTEK C168, POSTEK G2108/G3106, Zebra S400,S500 etc, because there is less space required and easy to move.

Overall cost

Use printer total cost: printer hardware, software, supplies. Some still need to interface the software. At the time of purchase, General considerations, some printers, hardware cheaper supplies expensive software is expensive, just the opposite. Purchase, should be considered.

Low carbon and environmental protection

All the print head of your printer on the market have suspended peaceful two, compared with suspended pressure print speed, save toner, low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection, but hanging technology of carbon is relatively expensive. Low carbon targets, sustainable development of the society, this is a factor in selecting a printer.

After-sales service

Barcode printer service followed suit, generally one year printer warranty, are essentially door-to-door services, so it is more convenient.

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