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Barcode printer machine advantages

In addition to normal print function, it also has the advantage of:

1. Industrial grade quality, without the limitation of print volume, 24 hour printing;

2. Not affected by the restrictions of print materials, you can print the PET, art paper, thermal paper adhesive labels and synthetic materials such as polyester, PVC and wash cloths;

3. Using thermal transfer printing of text and graphics with scratch effects, with special carbon print can also make printed products are waterproof, anti-fouling, corrosion, high temperature and other characteristics;

4. Print speed is extremely fast, the fastest can be up to 10 inches (24 centimeters) per second;

5. To print consecutive serial numbers, connect to the database in batches printed;

6. Labels typically have hundreds of meters long, can reach thousands of tens of thousands of small labels label printer print continuously, making it easier to save and organize;

7. Without the limitation of working environment;

8. Single label can be up to 120 cm long.

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