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Barcode printer performance

Print width

Representing the maximum width the printer can print, generally speaking, the 3-inch to 8-inch print width options, print width is selecting the determining factor.

Printing accuracy

Printing accuracy rely on print head in the printer of this important accessory to achieve. Accuracy on the market are: 200dpi, 300dpi, 600dpi. The higher precision, more fine clear printed labels and bar codes. Users according to the industry, the label size select products suitable for their printing needs.

Print speed

Print speed is an advantage for barcode printer compared to dot matrix printers. Industrial barcode printers print speeds on the market can be up to 16 inches/second. For the same machine, the faster, lower the accuracy. User in use, adjusting the machine, with the perfect combination of speed and accuracy.


Barcode printers on the market, with USB interface, parallel port (LPT), serial port (RS232).


Fulfil the user requirements in order to let the printer, barcode printer manufacturers have designed a lot of optional accessories: cutters, strippers, paper racks.