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F12 1D Barcode Scanner Only Need 7.6$ Blood Price

F12 is a lightweight laser bar code scanner. With the advanced scanning technology developed by "Xun radium", the F12 has a longer scanning depth than the traditional CCD bar code scanner. The scanning area is wider and can easily read the domestic and international common 1D bar code. Ultra-high price, to meet the requirements of most of the scanning applications.


Light weight, ergonomic design, comfortable grip, reduce the body's fatigue, improve work efficiency. Plug and play, users only need to F12 cable access to the host or POS system, you can use, easy to operate. Good ability to correct error, reading speed.


Applicable to retail, logistics, medical, financial, warehouse management, automated office and document management and many other occasions.


Light weight, ergonomic design, comfortable operation, reduce the use of fatigue


Using "fast radium" advanced laser bar code technology, scanning fast and sensitive, improve work efficiency

Plug and play, set up simple, can be quickly used with other office equipment.


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