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Print Head How To Prolong The Life

RPrint head is precision expensive barcode printer parts are fragile devices. It is like a car items will eventually be damaged, only the constant attention and maintenance can extend the life of the print head.

Preventive maintenance

To play a better role, and each finished with a roll of Ribbon or a roll of thermal paper print head cleaning required. Attention when cleaning the print head, take off your rings and other hard object in case you want to scratch the print head, and don't use the grounded metal objects or static electricity damage the print head.

70% alcohol-soaked cotton swab cleaning, turn off the printer and open the print head, use a small amount of cotton in the mechanical parts of the printer light brushing or gently blow any dust. Do not use damaged grinding tools or any hard metal (such as a screwdriver) to rubbing the print head of pollutants. With alcohol swab on the print head read, and do not rub, then rotate the roller, turn, wiping, swab dirty stop.